Orange Pattern

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  • Kit Includes:
  • 1: Heavy weight pattern backdrop
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Orange Pattern

Backdrops are an essential part of most photography, videography and even film making. For the studio photographer using the right backdrops to accentuate the costuming of your subject is critical. Having a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures is paramount for any well equipped facility. For the Videographer and Filmmaker, sooner or later you’ll find the need to have a assortment of “backdrops” to put the talent in front of that is perhaps less busy than the organic environment you are shooting in or better contrasts the desired look of the scene. Or perhaps using scenic backdrops is simply the more cost effective, cheaper than actually shooting the scene in the actual geographical location needed.

Heavy weight 100% cotton muslin backdrops are the most popular backdrop solution for professional photography and videography.

When purchased with one of our Telescoping Backdrop Support Systems, you’ll receive a free set of 6″ mounting clamps that minimize any wrinkles in the muslin which help create a smooth even background if that’s the look you want.

Or, muslin can be draped to create a textured background with more contrast.

All our Muslin Backdrops incorporate a sewn-in rod-loop along one edge that the crossbar is inserted into for the ultimate mounting method.

Our muslins are finished on all 4 sides so there is never loose threads as with material that is simply cut from a roll. Finishing all 4 sides drastically minimizes the possibility of a snag or deterioration of the screen.

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Orange Pattern

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Orange Pattern