Chromakey Production is the magic process of creating images where the background or any object in your scene can be made transparent allowing you replace it with a different image. From the Invisible Man to Perfect Storm to the nightly news Weather Report, chromakey is an essential part of today’s video, cinematic, and photographic production industry.

Not only is Chromakey a powerful production tool, using the process is some of the most fun you can have with your projects.

Complete Chroma key Kits – Setting up for a professional level chroma key production can be daunting at best. Which size screen to buy, what color and type of material, which type and configuration of lighting equipment works best as well as considering a system that will be used for other types of production too can be an overwhelming process.

The Dayflo Lighting series of Chroma key Studio Kits are complete turn-key configurations. Each kit is a perfectly balanced system, designed to deliver world class chroma key results for the many types of chroma key production, and will also meet almost any budget.

Take a look at our complete line of systems by clicking on a thumbnail above. We are certain you will agree that our DayFlo Chroma key Studio Kits are the ones by which all others are judged. When you are ready to do chroma key production right Eos Lighting has the right system for you!

Chroma Key

Chroma Key Studio Kits