1. Which lighting kit is right for me: Fluorescent, Tungsten, or Flash? (Part-1)
  2. Flash/Strobe Lighting
  3. Tungsten Halogen Continuous Lighting
  4. Fluorescent Continuous Lighting
  5. Which lighting kit is right for me: Fluorescent, Tungsten, or Flash? (Part-2)
  6. What is the life expectancy of the bulbs?
  7. Where can I buy extra bulbs?
  8. How long will it take to receive my order?
  9. What is the warranty for this product?
  10. DayFlo life time warranty!
  11. How do I obtain service?
  12. I received an order, but there were some problems with it (i.e. missing or broken items). What do I do?
  13. Do you ship internationally?
  14. What is your return policy?
  15. Can I use the 10′x 24′ Backdrop lengthwise?

Which lighting kit is right for me: Fluorescent, Tungsten, or Flash? (Part-1) – Lighting is a complicated and in-depth subject. We’ll keep it short and simple and address the most important things you need to consider to help you make the right choice for your lighting needs.

Flash/Strobe Lighting is used exclusively for Still Photography. It produces a burst of light in sync with the camera’s shutter. Professional Flash lighting creates a Daylight Kelvin light source for optimal color and contrast dynamic range.

Tungsten Halogen Continuous Lighting has been used in movie and television production for many decades. It is capable of delivering very high brightness output. It was easily adopted during the DV Revolution where small light-weight portable lighting kits came into high demand and are available from manufactures such as Arri, Lowel, and Britek. Tungsten/Halogen production bulbs create a 3200 degrees Kelvin or “Indoor” light source.

Fluorescent Continuous Lighting is a relatively new product being used for movie, video and still photo production today. It is widely considered the best overall lighting source for production. It delivers a smooth warm highly diffused light source, which is almost always the most desirable type of light source for video and still photography production.

Fluorescent bulbs are extremely efficient requiring only 1/4th the electrical current of Tungsten to achieve an equivalent brightness. Their greater efficiency, results in a bulb that runs completely cool. Heat generation from the bulb is negligible. Professional fluorescent bulbs come in both Indoor and Outdoor Kelvin ratings making them in most cases the superior choice for Movie, Video, and Still Photography production work. We believe that Continuous Daylight Fluorescent Lighting makes Flash/Strobe lighting obsolete because it has the advantage of being a Continuous light source making set up much easier than with Flash and requires no trigger sync to the camera.

Which lighting kit is right for me: Fluorescent, Tungsten, or Flash? (Part-2) – First identify which type of image acquisition you will be doing. Filmmaking, Videography, Interviews, Chroma Key, Indoor Product Shots, Portraits, Still Photography, and Stage Lighting all have very different requirements for optimal results.

There are two types of production lighting. Continuous and Flash/Strobe which as theirs names describe create either a constant always-on light source or a quick burst of bright light.

There are two Kelvin Temperatures (Whiteness) used in Production Lighting. Tungsten/Halogen at 3200 degrees Kelvin referred to as “Indoor” and Daylight or “Outdoor” at 5600 degrees Kelvin which are available in several different bulb methods.

The Halogen bulbs you get at a hardware store are NOT production accurate temperatures, usually around 2700 K for Halogen, and most of the new Edison based fluorescent bulbs are under 4800 K, so don’t count on using HD as a supplier for bulbs. Always buy bulbs from a production lighting supplier.

The Daylight Kelvin temperature bulbs offer the best lighting source you can get due to their broad color spectrum. Flash/Strobe lighting delivers a burst of daylight temperature light. Somewhere between 5000 and 6500 degree’s Kelvin. Achieving Continuous lighting at the same color spectrum as the sun has traditionally been a costly proposition and was usually achieved with very expensive special bulbs called HMI. Tungsten/Halogen lighting at 3200 Degrees Kelvin has become the industry standard for decades now because of it’s affordability. While very usable at 3200 K it does not produce as wide a dynamic range as 5600 K daylight temperature sources.

Recently Daylight Temperature Fluorescent bulbs have been invented which have changed everything, because you can now get all of the advantages of the daylight color spectrum in a continuous soft lighting source for the same price as Tungsten/Halogen lighting. Daylight Temperature Fluorescent Systems serve the Still Photographer and the Videographer in a single kit so for the most part Flash/Strobe systems are obsolete.

Heat and Power consumption – A typical 20 amp circut breaker in your fuse box can handle a draw of about 2500 watts safely without blowing. A Tungsten bulbs brightness has traditionally been associated with the amount of electrical current it uses e.g. 1K or 2K (1000 or 2000 Watts). All Tungsten/Halogen bulbs get very hot. So hot in fact that extreme caution must be used when using them to avoid serious accidents. Tungsten lighting will heat up a studio as fast as any portable heater. Additionally, Tungsten/Halogen bulbs require a substantial amount of electrical current to work properly. But keep in mind that these types of bulbs have been in use for many decades now so with proper handling Tungsten bulbs do a great job for Movie Makers and Videographers.

Fluorescent Bulbs on the other hand are extremely efficient. They produce light using only 1/4th the electrical current of Tungsten/Halogen lighting. This has many benefits especially with regard to heat generation. Fluorescent lighting remains completely cool indefinitely. This means that Fluorescent Bulbs last a very long time while Tungsten bulbs will require replacing much more often because of the dramatic heating and cooling that takes place with every use. Fluorescent bulbs are now available in Daylight Kelvin temperatures which is great news for almost every type of image acquisition there is.

What is the life expectancy of the bulbs? – Always carry extra bulbs with your lighting system regardless of which type of bulb you use.

Fluorescent bulbs are rated at 10,000 hour life. They are far more robust with regards to handling while turned on than Tungsten bulbs. Providing you do not drop the bulb they should last well over 5 years with everyday use and handling in a portable environment.

Tungsten/Halogen bulbs usually last around 200-300+ hours depending on how they are handled. However, it is important to note that because Tungsten/Halogen bulbs run so hot, the extreme heating-up and cooling down that occurs with every use makes precise bulb life predicting almost impossible. Fixtures that are permanently installed in a studio will have optimal life while fixtures used on a set where it is necessary to move and adjust the fixture while the light is turned on will yield a substantially reduced bulb life.

Where can I buy extra bulbs? – Most production lighting suppliers anywhere in the world carry the proper Kelvin temperature Tungsten bulbs for these lighting kits. They are industry standard and are not difficult to find. The new high-output DayFlo Fluorescent bulbs may be a little trickier to find at this time however, DayFlo Lighting always carries an extensive inventory of these bulbs and can ship them anywhere in the world overnight if necessary. Don’t forget that we supply you with extra bulbs in every kit.

How long will it take to receive my order? – All orders include UPS Ground Shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. UPS Ground usually takes 5-7 working days within the USA. Canadian orders occasionally take a little longer to arrive. Orders to Hawaii and Alaska will require additional shipping fees, please contact our sales department for a shipping quote.

What is the warranty for this product? – All lighting fixtures, stands, and lighting control items (excluding bulbs) come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that guarentees each item to be free from defect. We will replace or repair a defective item where the problem was caused by a manufacturing or assembly issue and bring the item to new working condition. If service is necessary after your initial delivery, you must return the item to us to have the problem corrected and returned to you. All Muslin backdrop products come with a similar 30-Day warranty.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – All DayFlo Brand lighting fixtures which include DayFlo-PRO, DayFlo-MAX, and DayFlo-EZ LITE come with a lifetime warranty to be free from defect. Should your DayFlo product fail for any reason related to a manufacturing defect, component defect, or a part simply wearing out under normal use we will repair, replace, or send out a replacement component part at no cost.

To obtain service you will need to send and email describing the problem with an attached photo clearly illustrating the problem to service. Our service technicians will determine how best to resolve the issue. Should it be determined that the item needs to be shipped back to us for repair or replacement, the user must return the item to our service facility for inspection where a determination of what caused the problem can take place. Should the problem be confirmed that it is due to a failed component DayFlo Lighting will pay the returned shipping fee via ground service within the continental USA. Additional shipping fee’s may be required outside the continental USA.

Bulbs are not covered under this warranty.

How do I obtain service? Email: service and explain the issue you are experiencing. Our service technician will promptly respond with an Return Authorization (RMA) and/or instructions on how to proceed with having your item returned or repaired.

I received an order, but there were some problems with it (i.e. missing or broken items) . What do I do? – Immediately report the damage to us via email at service. We will initiate a UPS claim to inspect the parcel. If the problem affects your ability to use the lighting kit, we will try to ship a replacement item immediately in order to get you up and running.

What is your return policy? – All returns require that a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number be issued prior to returning any merchandise purchased from us. You must notify us within 7 days after receiving your order if you are not happy with the product you received and wish to obtain an RMA. All returned merchandise may be subject to as much as a 0-25% restocking fee depending on the condition in which the merchandise is returned to us in. We will refund the amount you paid for your merchandise minus our original shipping cost, as well as, the possible restocking fee.

We can not authorize refunds on LED products- all sales are final for this product line. We will at our discretion replace or repair any item found to have issue upon delivery or while under it’s warranty period, as quickly as possible to ensure you stay up and running.

Can I use the 10′x 24′ Backdrop lengthwise? – Our 10×24 foot Muslin Backdrops can be used both vertically or horizontally. The Rod Loop is sewn into the shortest dimension so horizontal mounting will require an alternate method of securing the backdrop to the support if mounted horizontally. Exercise extreme caution when using backdrops outdoors as they will catch wind just like the sail of a sailboat. Proper anchoring of the backdrop and support system is extremely important to maintain a safe and reliable work environment.