Deluxe 3 Head Kit

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  • Kit Includes:
  • 3: Bank switchable 4 socket fixtures
  • 2: 20x40 Rectangular Softboxes
  • 2: 20x40 Eggcrate Modifiers
  • 1: 32x32 Square Softbox
  • 1: 32x32 Square Eggcrate Modifier
  • 13: 70 Watt High-Output DayLight Kelvin Bulbs
  • 2: Heavy Duty 6.5 Foot Cushioned Light Stand
  • 1: Unibody Articulating Boom Stand
  • 1: 12-Bulb Padded Custom Carry Case
  • 1: Equipment Carry Case
  • 3: 15' 2 Prong Extension Cords
  • 1: 25' 3 Prong Extension Cord
  • 1: 6-Outlet Power Strip
  • 1: 10-Pack Reusable Tie Straps
  • 1: 30 Yard 2" Gaffers Tape
  • 1: Instructional DVD
  • 1: Ground Delivery Continental USA

Training & Set Up Video

360° Fixture View:One

Deluxe 3 Head Kit

Our DayFlo-EZ LITE series fixtures and kits have revolutionized the production lighting industry over the past 4 years. Ease of set-up, extreme portability, and beautiful light quality have made DayFlo-EZ LITE’s the best selling low cost lighting system in the USA.

We are proud to release the latest addition to the DayFlo family of products, the DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE series.

DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE kits are next level performers with high-power dimmable output. For those of you looking to set up a professional Photography or Chroma Key studio on a tight budget this is the kit for you.

DayFlo-EZ LITE Deluxe system feature our newly developed 4-Bulb switchable fixtures with Rectangular "Strip Light" Softbox diffusion system. Now you can produce perfect full body head-to-toe work at the price of a waist-up system.

For chroma key work and studio photography these units can’t be beat because of their ability to cast light evenly across a larger physical area than a traditional square Softbox. Additionally Rectangular softboxes deliver a perfectly semetrical light patern unlike hextagonal fixtures which create a "headlight" shaped pattern which is hot in the center and darker at the edges in a round pattern. For Chroma Key screen illumination hexagon shaped softboxes and umbrellas should be avoided at all costs.

By configuring 3 DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE rectangular softboxes as shown in our video you’ll create the most evenly lit chroma key screen you’ve ever seen.

Let’s talk about major improvements in portability. DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE kits use 4 superb low-green-spike 5500K Daylight bulbs per fixture. So a 5 head system needs 20 bulbs. Storing and transporting bulbs have historically been a major issue to contend with for these types of systems. We’ll all that has finally changed with our new “EZ LITE BULB CARRYING CASE”. This awesome case stores and protects the bulbs in transit. Dramatically reducing strike times because you no longer have to deal with reusing individual bulb boxes and Styrofoam packaging.

DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE softboxes assemble effortlessly. While using a traditional 4-rod Softbox architecture, we’ve incorporated low-tension fiberglass rods which are exceptionally easy to bow during assembly compared to their spring-steel ancestors. No more wrestling the softboxes into submission or having to deal with speedings or straps like traditional products.

DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE fixtures are extremely light weight in mass making transport and overhead mounting substancially easier and safer. Each fixture support 4 high-output CFL bulbs and allow independent switching of 2 bulb banks. Each fixture incorporates thermal fuse protection to ensure safety. DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE fixtures incorporate a unique Softbox mounting system which allows a wide extremely versatile Softbox configuration possibilities. A major breakthrough is the ability to install the rectangular Softbox in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. As shown in our video this allows for optimized chroma key screen illumination. And photographers this be one of the best overhead Softbox solution available.

The entire lighting kit, stands and all, fit neatly in to the equipment and bulb carry cases.

And as with all DayFlo products you get our Lifetime Warranty on all fixture. So rest assured these systems are built last. We stand behind our warranty to ensure you stay up and running in the unlike event you experience an issue with your system.

Once again DayFlo-EZ LITE DELUXE lighting kits will surely change the production landscape again. Be a part of the revolution and order yours today!

> Deluxe 3 Head Kit

Deluxe 3 Head Kit

These lighting kits carry a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects. The manufacturer is absolutely the best we have ever encountered at immediately replacing damaged items should the need arise.

We guarantee your satisfaction with this product. If you are dissatisfied with any lighting kit you buy from us simply return it and we will gladly refund the purchase price of the kit minus shipping providing it is returned in the condition it was delivered in.

Email us with your questions regarding these products. A product specialist will respond as fast as is humanly possible to get you the information you need to make your purchasing decisions.

Deluxe 3 Head Kit