EZ LITE 1050 Kit

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A Great Value in Photography Lighting

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  • Kit Includes:
  • 3: DayFlo EZ-LITE 400 Softbox Fixtures
  • 3: Semi-Opaque Front Diffusion Panels
  • 3: EZ-LITE 6′ Compact Light Stands
  • 1: EZ-LITE Compact Boom Arm
  • 1: Counter Balance Bag
  • 3: Daylight Kelvin Bulbs
  • 1: Spare Daylight Bub
  • 1: 25′ Heavy Gauge Extension Cord
  • 2: 15′ Extension Cords
  • 1: 6 Outlet Power Strip
  • 1: 15 Piece Reusable Tie Straps
  • 1: Roll 2" Gaffers Tape
  • 1: Instructional DVD
  • 1: Hard Carry Case
  • 1: UPS Delivery (Cont. USA)
  • 1: Year Hardware Warranty
  • 1: Lifetime Warranty On Fixtures, Excl Bulbs


Ultra compact, lightweight, super portable 3-Point Lighting Kit. Ideally suited for Videography, Documentary, Interviews, Small Product and Portrait Photography.

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EZ LITE 1050 Kit

Continuous fluorescent lighting is revolutionizing Photography Lighting. Not only do fluorescent systems offer a substantial reduction in the heat generated by traditional continuous lighting, they also almost completely eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacement.

In addition to these benefits Fluorescent bulbs can now be made in a variety of color temperatures. The Daylight Kelvin light temperature is the overwhelming preferred choice for digital acquisition.

DayFlo Lighting is proud to introduce our new DayFlo-EZ LITE ULTRA series daylight kelvin fluorescent lighting systems. DayFlo-EZ LITE ULTRA kits are the step-up from the EZ-LITE Standard edition kits. EZ-LITE ULTRA kits offer the same ease of use as EZ LITE standard except we’ve made them with heavier-duty materials for a more robust product.

DayFlo-EZ LITE ULTRA kits feature 20% larger Softboxes at 24×24; Standard gauge Stand and Boom Hardware; and the ability to use 4 bulbs per fixture quadrupling the lumen output of the fixture.

These kits are the most innovative lighting product to hit the market yet! They offer outstanding value, performance, extreme portability, and simplicity of use.

Dayflo Lighting LLC is proud to introduce the DayFlo-EZ LITE daylight Kelvin fluorescent lighting system. This is the most innovative lighting product to hit the market yet!

DayFlo-EZ LITE’s feature the easiest to assemble softbox and lighting assemblies ever made. A simple and effortless push of the center ring and the 20″ x 20″ softbox is ready to use!

We designed the DayFlo-EZ LITE 1050 kit to be the most portable 3-point lighting system in the world. If you’re on the move from location to location doing interview after interview this is the kit for you.

A simple, easy to use design that is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. Ideally suited for home studios, product photography / videos, independent filmmakers, interviews, YouTube, Web / Pod Casting, etc.

Exceptionally well made throughout. This kit will take hard professional use day in, day out. The DayFlo-EZ LITE 1050 is made to deliver many years of reliable maintenance free service.

The entire DayFlo-EZ LITE 1050 Kit breaks down into one carry-on size semi-hard case including the Boom Stand and Bulbs!

Fluorescent Bulb technology continues to advance and the DayFlo-EZ LITE fixture is ready for all upgrades as more and more efficient high output Edison based bulbs are released to market.

High-Output Energy Efficient Bulbs are always readily available from Dayflo Lighting and all major production lighting suppliers.

These bulbs have an expected life of 10,000 hours or about 5 years if you never turn them off. However most users will experience a lifetime of use from the original set of bulbs that come with this kit.

For additional diffusion simply install the semi-opaque diffusion panel and your DayFlo-EZ LITE will deliver that luscious soft shadowless light so critical for use with High Definition and Standard Digital Video production.

DayFlo-EZ LITE is also the perfect system for Digital Photography. Offering a true Daylight Kelvin light source for optimal color rendering and contrast dynamic range.

Delivering the same light color, as a flash system except DayFlo-EZ LITE is continuous so there is no guesstimating about how your exposure will turn out. Works with literally ANY digital still camera!

DayFlo-EZ LITE comes with a full 1-year warranty to be free from manufacturers defect.

Best of all these systems are extremely portable. The entire 3 Head System including boom, stands, softboxes bulbs, cords and accessories all fit neatly into a single carrying case suitable for airline travel.

DayFlo-EZ LITE fixtures include a semi-opaque front diffusion panel, which will allow the light to deliver almost shadow less light so critical for product shots.

DayFlo-EZ LITE’s are an ultra compact design making them the best choice when studio space is very limited and you need a high quality light source that runs completely cool.

Filmmakers will find the DayFlo-EZ LITE 1050 Watt Kit to be an indispensable set of lighting tools for any movie scene.

DayFlo-EZ LITE’s deliver perfectly balanced Daylight Kelvin light from flicker-free fluorescent production bulbs. Finally there is a low cost Fluorescent solution that makes buying tungsten lighting obsolete.

We’ve ensured you’ll have most everything you need for a shoot even an extra bulb in case of a failure or accidental drop, well made power cabling to ensure you safely route power to each fixture, a 6 outlet power strip, and reusable tie-straps to help minimize tripping over cords while doing your creative work.

These items are almost always often overlooked and there’s nothing worse than getting a lighting kit and realizing you need more stuff just to work with it properly. Having enough cable to for clean cable runs keeps the set as safe to get around in as possible.

Make sure to take the time to be neat with your cable runs, routing them out of the main walk-ways if possible so sound mixers, camera operators, make-up artists, and crew can properly service the set and actors without tripping over cables.

We know you’ll love these systems. They are certain to become one of, if not the most prized possession in your shooting arsenal. Simply put, they make everything you point then at look great! Including you.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best customer support available for consultations about what set-up is right for your needs and resolving service issues that may arise.

The DayFlo-EZ LITE 1050 kit will deliver a careers worth of excellence regardless of what kind of production you work on. Be it Videography, Filmmaking, or Still Photography DayFlo-EZ LITE is your best choice!

We too are producers and have many years of experience with everything from weekly TV Shows, Indie Filmmaking, Church Events, Chromakey Production, and Location work. Give us a call and let’s get you set up right.

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EZ LITE 1050 Kit

These lighting kits carry a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects. The manufacturer is absolutely the best we have ever encountered at immediately replacing damaged items should the need arise.

We guarantee your satisfaction with this product. If you are dissatisfied with any lighting kit you buy from us simply return it and we will gladly refund the purchase price of the kit minus shipping providing it is returned in the condition it was delivered in.

Email us with your questions regarding these products. A product specialist will respond as fast as is humanly possible to get you the information you need to make your purchasing decisions.


EZ LITE 1050 Kit