PRO 1500 Kit

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A Great Value in Photography Lighting

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  • Kit Includes:
  • 3: DFP-500 Watt 2-Bulb 1-Bank Heads
  • 3: 8.5′ Premium Light Stands
  • 6: OSRAM Daylight Bulbs
  • 1: Extra OSRAM Bulbs
  • 1: Set Lighting Filters
  • 1: Roll of Gaffers Tape
  • 1: Studio Cabling Accessory Kit
  • 1: Instructional DVD
  • 1: Year Hardware Warranty
  • 1: Lifetime Warranty On Fixtures, Excl Bulb


Super Portable, compact, and punchy. The DayFlo-PRO 1500 is the best value in the production lighting industry. Especially well suited for location interviews, small screen cinematography, product and portrait photography.

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PRO 1500 Kit

Continuous fluorescent lighting is revolutionizing Photography Lighting. Not only do fluorescent systems offer a substantial reduction in the heat generated by traditional continuous lighting, they also almost completely eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacement.

In addition to these benefits Fluorescent bulbs can now be made in a variety of color temperatures. The Daylight Kelvin light temperature is the overwhelming preferred choice for digital acquisition.

Fluorescent light by nature is a beautiful diffused source right off the bulb. So smooth flattering lightscapes are organic and much easier to achieve than with traditional continuous lighting.

    Key Features and Benefits:

  • Almost no heat generation
  • Long lasting bulbs
  • Daylight Kelvin without filters
  • Diffused source

The DayFlo-Pro 1500 Watt 3 Head Lighting Kit offers state-of-the-art performance, quality, and value. Simply put, these are the finest bank-switchable fluorescent production systems available today.

DayFlo-PRO heads outperform all competing production lighting system on the market today. These cool lights are the first choice for professionals in need of production lighting for any environment from cinematography, videography, or still photography. DayFlo-Pro Lighting Heads deliver a state-of-the-art light source for illuminating your subject.

The DayFlo-PRO 500 fixture in this system is a favorite of ours. These units delivery unbelievable performance and are super usable for also any situation you find yourself in. It’s small size allows placement tin tight areas where other Fluorescent fixtures just won’t work. Because these fixture incorporate such a vast array of light controls you are able to get an infinite amount of different looks form this unit. Using the 4-Way Barndoors, Reflector Panels on or off and attaching Diffusion Filters will allow you to get the light source just right. Awesome!

Set up of DayFlo-PRO lights is extremely easy. These systems offer the fastest set-up of any other lighting system available. The bulbs remain in the fixture during transport so they are ready to go as soon as you get power run to them and into position.

Simply attach the fixture to it’s stand, adjust the barndoors, and turn them on. DayFlo-PRO lighting systems do not require softboxes to diffuse the light. There are no softboxes to hassle with. For added diffusion simply attach the included diffusion filter using the barndoor clips. This design minimizes the physical space each fixture occupies in your studio making them less obtrusive and easier to work around.

The built-in Filter mounting clips for attaching the correct filter or gel to the fixture allowing you to make your scene look perfect every time. DayFlo-PRO fixtures incorporate all the Light control options you need to get just the right look into your scene.

At less than 3 inches thick and weighing at least 20% less than competing products, DayFlo-PRO Fluorescent Multi-Bank lighting heads offer substantial advantages over all other systems. Check out their features and you’ll see why:

  • All aluminum construction – Light Weight, Extremely Rugged, Moisture Resistant
  • Individual Bank Control – Each bank of bulbs in the fixture can be independently switched on/off
  • Daylight Kelvin Bulb-Set – All OSRAM brand 5500 Kelvin Daylight Bulbs
  • 4-Way Adjustable Barndoors on all fixtures except the 4000-16 bulb fixture – Superior Vertical and Horizontal Spill Control
  • Interchangeable Barndoor Reflector Panels – Detachable Silver Reflector Panels
  • Horizontal and Vertical mounting – Allows for variable dispersion pattern
  • Daylight to Tungsten and Diffusion Gel / Filter-Set
  • Gel/Filter Clips – Built in to the barndoors
  • Air Cushioned 8’ ft. 3-Section Stand – Superb Quality Heavy Duty Aluminum Anodized Stand – Included
  • Complete production accessory kit – Included with kits
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty – We know you’ve got a shoot, we’ll keep you up and running!

The DayFlo-PRO1500 Watt 3-Point Lighting Kit was designed to be super compact for easy traveling. The entire kit folds up into 2 hard travel cases and a Stand Bag well suited for airline travel. Yet this system packs a punch with 1500 Watts of Daylight Kelvin light. Perfect for mission critical high-definition acquisition.

DayFlo-PRO Lighting Kits always include an excellent variety of accessory items to ensure you have everything you need to get the job done right straight out of the box. Like, Gaffers Tape and Re useable Tie Straps to properly secure cables making your set as safe easy to get around in as possible. Our highly visible power cabling and 6 outlet power strip allow one-point power on/off of the entire system.

High Quality Diffusion and Daylight to Tungsten Correction Filters are included in every DayFlo-PRO lighting kit to allow you precise light control for a variety of possible shooting environments.

Not only do we include a full set of high-quality name brand Osram Daylight bulbs with every DayFlo-PRO kit but we even go so far as to include extra high-quality Osram replacement bulbs just in case you break one. While other manufacturers charge extra for the bulb set, it’s refreshing to work with a company that wants to ensure you are set up correctly from the very start without nickle and dimming you to death.

Be it Videography, Filmmaking, or Still Photography, DayFlo-Pro lighting kits will deliver careers worth of excellence regardless of what kind of production you work on. DayFlo-Pro systems are your best choice!

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PRO 1500 Kit

These lighting kits carry a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty against defects. The manufacturer is absolutely the best we have ever encountered at immediately replacing damaged items should the need arise.

We guarantee your satisfaction with this product. If you are dissatisfied with any lighting kit you buy from us simply return it and we will gladly refund the purchase price of the kit minus shipping providing it is returned in the condition it was delivered in.

Email us with your questions regarding these products. A product specialist will respond as fast as is humanly possible to get you the information you need to make your purchasing decisions.


PRO 1500 Kit