Continuous fluorescent lighting is revolutionizing the way we light scenes for photography, cinematic, and video production. Not only do fluorescent systems offer a substantial reduction in the heat generated by traditional continuous lighting, they also almost completely eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacement.

In additional to these benefits Fluorescent bulbs can now be made in a variety of color temperatures. The Daylight Kelvin light temperature is the overwhelming preferred choice for digital acquisition.

DayFlo Lighting is proud to introduce our new DayFlo-EZ LITE ULTRA series daylight kelvin fluorescent lighting systems. DayFlo-EZ LITE ULTRA kits are the step-up from the EZ-LITE Standard edition kits. EZ-LITE ULTRA kits offer the same ease of use as EZ LITE standard except we’ve made them with heavier-duty materials for a more robust product.

DayFlo-EZ LITE ULTRA kits feature 20% larger Softboxes at 24×24; Standard gauge Stand and Boom Hardware; and the ability to use 4 bulbs per fixture quadrupling the lumen output of the fixture.

These kits are the most innovative lighting product to hit the market yet! They offer outstanding value, performance, extreme portability, and simplicity of use.

We designed DayFlo EZ-LITE ULTRA kits for the professional Videographer and Photographer who need an ultra compact complete lighting kit small enough to carry-on with airline travel, yet powerful enough to accomplish professional broadcast quality high-definition image acquisition for everything from interviews to location portrait photography. DayFlo-EZ-LITE ULTRA kits are the perfect choice!

Video Lighting

Dayflo-EZ Lite